Steps to get your Michigan Medical Marijuana Registry Identification Card:
Qualify with an approved medical condition.
Medical marijuana is a class 3 drug and therefore can't be distributed by the FDA. You are allowed to grow your own or assign a caretaker to grow your plants for you.

Have your doctor complete the Physician Certification form.
Your Medical Marihuana Registry Identification Card application will include the Physician Certification form that must be filled by your qualifying doctor.

Complete your portion of the Medical Marijuana Application form.
Completely fill out the Application/Patient section. If you're going to assign a caregiver, you will include their information as well on this form.

If you choose to enlist a caregiver, have them complete the Caregiver Application form.
The caregiver should complete and sign the Caregiver Attestation page.

Make photo copies of all forms and any other supporting documents.
You should remain diligent in your documentation. You may need to prove that your filed everything at some point. So be prepared with copies of everything!

Send the application and documentation by Registered mail with payment.
The completed application and supporting documentation needs to be mailed to the address provided on the application. We recommend that you make use of a Proof of Mailing service from the USPS. You want proof that the documents were received.

Wait for approval.
The State of Michigan must make a decision on your request within 15 days of receiving a properly filled application and supporting documents. They must then notify you within 5 days to give notice.

(NOTE: Currently (6-12-2010) processing is overwhelmed. The State is issuing registry identification cards for valid applications received at the end of January. They are not notifying patients that have been approved until they send the card. In short, if you don't receive notice of denial within 20 days, you have been approved. You will receive your card as soon as the office can process it. But, as you can see, they're about 4 months behind in sending out registration cards. Keep copies of everything before you send your application in. You will need it if you get in a situation that you need to prove you're an MMMP cardholder (without your card).


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